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Learn more about our expertise in OCD, including our qualifications,
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About us

The Perth OCD Clinic is located in Western Australia. It was founded by Dr Gayle Maloney, and comprises a team of highly experienced independently practising clinical psychologists who have all undertaken advanced professional development training in OCD.

Our clinic delivers evidence-based treatment for OCD, as well as other co-occurring psychological conditions. We are dedicated to helping OCD sufferers and their families. Our team regularly consult alongside Perth’s leading consultant psychiatrists and general practitioners to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

Excellence in psychological care

Experience and Training

Qualifications &
Formal Training

Each clinician has completed between 6-10 years of full-time university training to be awarded a Masters degree, Doctorate in Psychology (DPsych), or a PhD. In addition to their university training, all of our clinical psychologists have completed a further two years post-graduate registration period. We are all fully-registered members of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Wealth of

In addition to the specific OCD training required to join the clinic, each clinical psychologist brings with them a wealth of experience and training in other psychological areas. This ensures that we are able to match each client’s unique experience of OCD with the most appropriate clinical psychologist based on their special interest, experience and therapeutic approach.

Ongoing Professional

All of our clinical psychologists attend ongoing professional development workshops that focus on different subtypes and areas unique to OCD. Our clinicians also regularly consult with each other to ensure that they provide the very best psychological care to our clients.

Perth ocd clinic

Meet the team

Dr Gayle Maloney
Dr Gayle Maloney Founder/Senior Clinical Psychologist Ph: 0413 570 222 | Adults
Chin-Ngee Annells
Chin-Ngee Annells Senior Clinical Psychologist m: 0401 440 877 | Adults & adolescents (13+)
Dr Sarra Hayes
Dr Sarra Hayes Senior Clinical Psychologist m: 0426 486 044 | Adults & adolescents (15+)
Dr Marilyn Fitzgerald
Dr Marilyn Fitzgerald Senior Clinical Psychologist m: 0448 670 481 | Adults
Mary Hattaway
Mary Hattaway Senior Clinical Psychologist m: 0423 237 040 | Adults & adolescents (16+)
Rebecca Harrington
Rebecca Harrington Senior Clinical Psychologist m: 0497 504 957 | Adults
Michelle Lund
Michelle Lund Senior Clinical Psychologist m: 0439 992 362 | Adults
Ailsa Jerejian
Ailsa Jerejian Clinical Psychologist m: 0461 571 986 | Children & adolescents (6-17 years)
Maria Krabbe
Maria Krabbe Senior Clinical Psychologist m: 0401 487 713 | Adults & adolescents (14+)
Bec Ashley
Bec Ashley Clinical Psychologist m: 0403 447 726 | Children (10+), adolescents & adults
Dr Lisa Unwin
Dr Lisa Unwin Senior Clinical Psychologist ph: (08) 9334 5696 | Adults & children (8+)
Dr Christopher Pittenger
Dr Christopher Pittenger Senior Research Consultant
Be part of the perth ocd clinic

Join Our Team

We are actively looking for registered clinical psychologists
and psychiatrists to join our team as independent practitioners at The Perth OCD Clinic.

Our Goal

We aim to bring together dedicated and experienced senior clinicians with a diverse range of clinical experience, so that we can best serve the needs of the Western Australia OCD community.

Our Ethos

Our ethos of collaboration is largely unique in a private practice, yet offers a range of benefits to both OCD sufferers and team members. We believe that a room rental arrangement is the most straightforward and equitable way to attract the most senior, experienced and dedicated clinicians in the field. As such, all clinicians operate their own independent practices on a part-time or full-time basis out of our beautifully appointed practice rooms.

Training & Professional

On joining the practice, clinicians are provided with training in OCD assessment and treatment. They are then able to enjoy participating in regular professional development opportunities to ensure their clinical skills are always at the forefront. We provide advanced training in the treatment of OCD sub-types and evolving psychological techniques to treat treatment-resistant OCD.

Team Benefits
  • Maintaining their own private practice, whilst receiving initial training and advanced ongoing professional development
  • Setting their own fee schedule without paying a percentage of each consultation to the clinic
  • Working collaboratively with like-minded, dedicated team of experienced clinicians who have exceptional knowledge and experience in the OCD field
  • Clinical research and peer supervision opportunities
  • Established referral networks and easy-to-use online bookings
  • Being featured on the Perth OCD Clinic website and being matched with clients in your areas of special interest and experience
  • Access to appointed consulting rooms in a large dedicated character building located in a quiet street in West Perth

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team as a Senior Clinician
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