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Professional Training & Supervision

Bespoke workshops in the assessment and treatment of OCD

Sharing Our Knowledge & Experience

Our team at Perth OCD Clinic is passionate about passing on the advanced training they receive at the Yale OCD Research Clinic and the International OCD Foundation.

We provide professional workshops and supervision to those working in the mental health field and to those who require additional training in the assessment and treatment of OCD and related disorders

training and experience

Professional Training Delivered
by an Experienced Team

All of our clinicians at the Perth OCD Clinic have completed a minimum of six years’ full-time formal university training to be awarded a Masters’ degree in clinical psychology, or up to 10 years’ training for a PhD. They have also completed a further two years post-graduate registration period.

In addition to the specific OCD training required to join the clinic, each of our team brings with them a wealth of experience and training in other psychological areas.

Our clinicians attend ongoing professional development workshops that focus on different subtypes and areas unique to OCD. With this broad knowledge and experience, Perth OCD Clinic is well placed to provide OCD training and supervision to other organisations.

Tailored to Your Needs

Flexible Workshops

Our Director, Dr Gayle Maloney has delivered workshops to public and private hospitals, private practices, community organisations and national and international tertiary institutions. As a clinic, we host workshops throughout the year at our facility in West Perth. Our clinicians can also provide specialised OCD ‘in-house’ workshops, at your workplace. These workshops are tailored to meet the individual needs of your service.

We provide the following workshops in the assessment and treatment of OCD:

  • Introduction to OCD assessment and treatment
  • Advanced training in OCD treatment
  • Treatment of perfectionism as a transdiagnostic issue in OCD
  • Imagery rescripting as an adjunct technique for treatment-resistant OCD

Upcoming Workshops

19 May 2023-
20 May 2023


14 September 2023-
15 September 2023


Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD in Adults - 2 day live online training workshop

A full treatment structure for OCD treatment will be presented. On the first day, participants will be provided with practical clinical skills to assist clients to work through all aspects of ERP treatment, ranging from undertaking the initial psychological assessment through to the development and implementation of individualised ERP hierarchies. The second day will explore in-depth case studies to demonstrate the application of the aforementioned clinical skills. The importance of treatment sequencing in working with treatment-resistant OCD is discussed; followed by an overview of the pharmacotherapy treatment for OCD. The workshop concludes with a discussion on how to address common core beliefs/schemas in OCD that occur throughout treatment in both clients and therapists.

The workshop content is delivered through didactic content, role-play videos that demonstrate clinical techniques, and opportunities to practice the techniques in smaller zoom break-out rooms.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the clinical features of OCD
  • Sub-types of OCD
  • Initial psychological assessment that includes differential diagnoses
  • Case formulation, treatment planning and development of a personalised model for OCD sufferers
  • Cognitive interventions with a focus on mindfulness-based interventions for OCD
  • ERP treatment guidelines – development, implementation and refinement of individualised ERP hierarchies with corresponding response plans
  • Demonstration of imaginal exposure techniques in ERP hierarchies
  • Relapse prevention strategies & how to support clients experiencing common hurdles in ERP treatment
  • Clinical application of ERP treatment in three in-depth case studies of adult sufferers with varying subtypes of OCD
  • Treatment sequencing considerations in working with treatment-resistant OCD
  • A pre-recorded webinar by Dr Christopher Pittenger (MD & PhD; Professor of Psychiatry at Yale OCD Research Clinic) that provides an overview of the pharmacotherapy treatment for OCD
  • The importance of addressing core beliefs pertaining to self-worth and perfectionism experienced by clients and therapists.
  • Ample opportunities for Q&A throughout the workshop

Target audience: Psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and mental health clinicians who work in clinical practice. This workshop is suitable for clinicians who have experience in working with adult OCD sufferers and would like to refine their ERP clinical skills and learn more about advanced topics in OCD treatment. It is also suitable for clinicians who are new to working with OCD sufferers and would like to learn a thorough overview of ERP to improve their confidence before they commence working in this field.

Please note that due to the workshop structure approach that utilises practical demonstration and application of clinical skills, the participation number is limited to 35 people and the workshops are unsuitable to be recorded. Times listed are in Australian Western Standard Time (AWST).

Cost: $650 (+$65 GST) for the 2-day workshop. Each day runs from 9.30am-3pm (AWST). A certificate for ‘10 hours of active CPD’ will be provided at the conclusion of the workshop.

If you cannot make these workshops, we will announce the 2024 training dates early next year. Please email if you would to be informed of future workshop dates. Dr Gayle Maloney is also available for individual supervision if preferred, and this is charged at the current APS recommended rate.

Before registering for this workshop, please note that cancellations and refunds will not be provided other than for 'exceptional, unforeseeable circumstances'. However, if you are unable to attend the workshop after registering, simply inform Gayle Maloney via email at least 4 weeks prior to the workshop date and you will be offered a place at the next equivalent workshop that has availability or you can nominate someone else to attend in your place.


Dr Gayle Maloney is the Founder & Senior Clinical Psychologist at the Perth OCD Clinic, as well as an Associate Clinical Professor at Yale OCD Research Clinic.

Gayle has provided treatment to OCD sufferers in Perth for over 20 years, and still enjoys supporting an active caseload of adult OCD clients. In 2015, she founded the Perth OCD Clinic to provide a vital service to Western Australian community. In doing so, she brought together a team of independently practising clinical psychologists who share a commitment to providing exceptional psychological care to OCD sufferers using evidence-based practice.

Gayle was awarded a Fulbright fellowship to establish an ongoing international research collaboration between the Perth OCD Clinic and Yale OCD Research Clinic. As a clinical academic, Gayle continues to work remotely for Yale University and currently teaches an annual class on treating complex clients in community psychiatry for 3rd and 4th year psychiatry residents and other allied health professionals. Gayle’s research interests focus on the development and testing of adjunct psychological techniques for treatment-resistant OCD, with a primary focus on imagery rescripting. Gayle has presented her research at national and international OCD conferences and has published OCD research in peer-reviewed journals.

Gayle is regularly invited to present on OCD treatment at tertiary institutions, public and private clinics, and private practices. In her training workshops she is most passionate about teaching applied clinical skills to assist mental health clinicians to provide individualised ERP for their OCD clients, as well focusing on important areas in treatment-resistant OCD, so that clinicians and clients continue to feel supported in the most challenging clinical circumstances. Gayle particularly enjoys honouring the existing wealth of clinical knowledge that participants have amassed prior to attending her workshops and supporting them to combine their existing clinical skills with those learned in the workshop. Part proceeds of the Perth OCD Clinic training workshops are used to support the clinical research program conducted at the clinic.

OCD workshops for medical professionals

We are fortunate that Dr Christopher Pittenger, our Senior Research Consultant, at the Perth OCD Clinic, is able to share his expertise in some of our workshops. Dr Pittenger is the Director of the Yale OCD Research Clinic and a tenured Professor at the Yale Department of Psychiatry.

The Perth OCD Clinic hosts live, interactive virtual presentations by Dr Pittenger for medical professionals based in Western Australia who have an interest in learning more about the latest advances in evidence-based psychiatric treatment for OCD sufferers. Medical professionals are welcome to contact Dr Gayle Maloney directly to register their interest for these workshops.